Welcome to the Wonderland Shelf!

It’s a rather good thing you got here, seeing as tea time is fast approaching! The table has already been seated by faces you may find familiar. Of course the one and only Mad Hatter is seated at the head of the table with myself seated to his right, but don’t worry we have saved you the guest of honor’s seat to Hatter’s left. First though you must make it past the chaos that has ensued among the other guests. It would seem they have all set up their very own features here on the Wonderland Shelf. The March Hare has an assortment of instruments stacked rather high on his plate and has dubbed his chair the “March Hare’s Musical Habitat”. Meanwhile, Cheshire has created quite a mess of paint splatters on his setting and chair, but in between the splatters a few words can be made out: “Cheshire’s Coloring Corner”.

Once you are seated we will commence with the show that the Hatter has most generously directed. You see, just the other day he noticed that imagination seems to be running rather low as of late and since it is our responsibility as denizens of Wonderland to think of six impossible things before breakfast, imagination is a commodity we can not do without. At the core of Hatter’s show will be the book blog that he runs on the side of his hatting business. He claims that books are the easiest way for the imagination to grow, and of course who would disagree with a Hatter (they are quite mad you know). Amidst the book reviews will be other creative outlets that are filled with muchness and of course very Wonderland-esque. At the Hatter’s behest he wished for this glorious show of his and his comrades to be shared to those boring (his words not mine) humans that have lost their muchness so long ago.

That my friends is why I am at Tea Time. I will be the Hatter’s translator of sorts. You may call me Hatta’s Girl if you must call me. I will post about the books, music, movies, art, and news that is discussed at the show. I rather hope that you enjoy my translation, because it has been hinted that the Jabberwock may also be joining us soon and as everyone knows a happy Jabberwock is rather preferable over that of an unhappy Jabberwock.